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KBK has originally developed the WC thermal spraying coatings for the Winder Drums to the world in 1990, on the purpose of prevention of the slipping and the damage for papers.
To use the metals which tolerant to ink and the cleaning fluid, thermal spraying would densely form the coating. Consequently corrosion doesn't occur for a long term.
24 hours for emergency! KBK will support the maintenance technology of the Japanese plants. We have been making an effort to the restoration of plant operation as soon as it possibly can.


Solutions for customers’ requests

試作のご依頼への対応 試作のご依頼への対応
"Neither the small components nor the modules can even be customized for the new exploitation!" Don't worry! KBK will solve your problems! Let's have time to discuss about concepts, drawings, samples, testing and so on….
コストダウンへの考え方 コストダウンへの考え方
To reduce the production cost, the point is choosing the best"Coating material, processing method, and work schedule". Click the button on the above for more details.
品質管理と納期管理について 品質管理と納期管理について
Are you looking for the subcontract factory? We are confident that we could support you by the quality and the delivery, which are controlled strictly. Please click the button here. KBK will answer the solution based on the system of the quality control and the productive system that supports current results.


Please consult us about any problems, if you have any difficult matters to solve them. 溶射お問い合わせ
First of all, please order samples. You would be satisfied with our suggestion based on deep experiences and previous results. 一個の試作品が欲しい